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Once upon a time, there was a man and a woman who worked very hard to save enough money to build their dream home. 
That day finally came. Their home was built just the way they had always planned. Inside, the layout of the rooms and the placement of the furnishings and artwork were finished to perfection. All the architectural features and materials they chose were precisely very happily for a number of years. One day they decided to take an 
extended vacation. They left their home in the hands of a capable caretaker and went away, worry-free.

Several weeks passed by. When they returned, they opened the front door and were horrified by what they found. The living room had been moved upstairs. The master bedroom was now where the library used to be and the kitchen had exchanged places with the media room. None of the bathrooms were in the same place. All of the artwork and furniture had been replaced. The cars in the garage had been replaced with two bicycles. Nothing was familiar to them in what was once their dream home. When they asked the caretaker what happened, he said that this was his vision of how he thought they should live. He said he had studied all their habits, knew their behaviors and he decided that this was what was best for them. 

End of Story

You see, this is what happens when a neighborhood of private homes are replaced with a Sustainable 
Community. YOU do not get to choose how or where you live. Unelected bureaucrats and Non-Governmental
Organizations do. Your locally elected officials no longer have the power to make decisions about the future
of your community and you have no say at all. Suddenly your home is being taxed in the extreme in order to
pay for the new Sustainable Community. Can’t happen here? It is happening here. And that is why you need
to know, so you can make an informed choice to protect your private property ownership rights and retain the
right to choose how and where you live. 

You might ask, “But how can someone else tell me where to live? 
And just what is a “Sustainable Community,” anyway?” 

That is what I came here to tell you. 
Click here to watch: What is Agenda 21 and Seven 50? Interview with American Coalition 4 Property Rights. 

Home Sweet Home: A Fantasy

We are fighting for our American way of life---the right to choose how and where we live---the very right to private property ownership.

The Seven 50 Regionalists in Florida are poised to enforce low income, HUD high rise stack-and-pack upward sprawl with demographic quotas built without garages located next to mass transit in "Sustainable Communities" where the government will take care of all our needs. Using combined grants from the DOT, HUD, EPA and Building One America, a massive re-distribution of wealth using a tax base-sharing scheme is about to occur. Called robbing the suburbs to pay for the cities (Stanly Kurtz' book), it is a plan so good that it takes the power of the federal government to force it upon us.

So how do we fight it? The government belongs to those who show up. The only way to fight it is on a local level, by educating your neighbors, friends, family, co-workers, business community and churches. Then your elected officials, convincing them one-on-one with the facts that "Sustainable Communities" do not promote prosperity. They create massive government dependency and debt. And by emphasizing that fiscal responsibility, local decision-making and smaller government are NOT principles that the New Urbanist mentality implements.
We will be stripped of our private property and our right to own and drive automobiles. Convince your locally elected officials to opt out.
The guise of environmentalism is being used through EPA regulations to get us out of our cars and out of our homes in to government-controlled "Sustainable Communities." 

Seven-50 in Florida, click here for common questions and answers.

Help stop Seven-50, get informed and get active! Choose a format below to begin:
Andre' Duany is demanding the power to usurp our free speech and our representative government with a tyrannical form of government in Florida that will dictate every aspect of our future lives. He intends to establish a fascist form of government in our state to bypass our individual voices. Duany clearly states he wants to eliminate public meetings to start Seven 50 in Florida, then the United States and then the United Nations.
Join us now to help us protect our individual liberties before it is too late. 

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Exciting News from Florida: Seven/50 Plan rejected by 2 Counties! - Read more 
"For those who are educated on the subject of Seven 50---control of seven Florida
 counties within 50 years, you know that our City of Vero Beach, Indian River County
 and Indian River Shores voted NO to Seven 50. Our Indian River School Board 
also opted out.

During a recent meeting with Governor Rick Scott, he congratulated our American
 Coalition 4 Property Rights for making Indian River County the first in the state of 
Florida to ban Seven 50, an ancillary of Agenda 21.

I applauded Governor Scott fo his statement, “I know it’s not good for Florida and
so I’m going to make sure we’re not giving someone else the power to figure out 
our destiny. I’m focused on our rights as an individual state. I don’t believe the
federal government should be telling us what to do and clearly the UN should
not be dictating how we build our state.”

Their vision for our future is, “to bring millions of passengers by train from Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando to use our parks and beaches.” This “justifies” their plan to replace private homes and instead, build “Sustainable Communities,” clusters of low income, high density population, HUD stack-and-pack high rises with demographic quotas located next to mass transit. Through “tax base sharing,” private homes will be taxed in the extreme to pay for the “Sustainable Communities.” Single family homes will be phased out, as will automobiles.  

Seven 50’s architect from Cuba instructed Seven 50, quote: “to transcend local control. The public will not be included in these decisions. Stop having public meetings. Get on with your plan.” The architect called the public, “a tyranny of the minority.” 
Beware America: “When defense of liberty becomes a crime, tyranny is already in force…”

-Phyllis Frey

​Click here to watch Phyllis Frey explain Regionalism in this important lecture.