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An untried and unvetted fad is being rolled out at all grade levels, in all public schools across the nation, except in 
Alaska, Texas, Nebraska, and Virginia. The control of mathematics and English language education has been wrested away from 
state and local school boards and replaced by federal control. Federal testing is scheduled to begin in 2014.

There was no state or national debate, and no Congressional or state legislative approval was given before implementation of CC began.
Forty-six state governors thought they were getting a "free lunch" when they volunteered their states as Common Core participants. The governors were enticed with the promise of federal funds for their states.

States are finding that the CC actually forces them to share a $16 billion price tag split among CC states. An estimate by the California Dept. of Education says Common Core will cost that state $800 million. A CA education research center says it will cost $800 million just for new curriculum, with an additional $785 million to be incurred for teacher and principal training.

The CC standards violate the Constitution and the law in many ways. The collection of personally identifiable information about students and teachers is an invasion of privacy, and is allowed only because the executive branch bypassed Congress to weaken federal privacy laws.

Indoctrination is easier to achieve with nationalized education. Parents can sometimes institute changes at a local level but once edicts come down from D.C. it will be difficult to make local voices heard. In AC4PR complied research we expose credible links between CC and the United Nations Agenda 21 sustainability movement which is aimed at controlling the West economically and politically as well as the unconstitutional nature of the new system.

"If education has become, as Common Core openly declares, 'preparation for work in a global economy,' then this situation is far worse than Common Core critics ever anticipated. And the concerns about cost and quality, and yes, even the Constitutionality of Common Core, pale in comparison to the concerns for the hearts, minds, and souls of America's children."

-Dr. Daniel B. Coupland
Associate Professor of Education, Hillsdale College

Major Problems with Common Core

Lack of Academic Quality/Rigor
Collection of Data and Privacy
Psychological Manipulation/Screening
Radical Curriculum 
Loss of Freedom for Home and Private Schools 
School to Work/Career Tracking
The Common Core Nanny State
A tangled web of conflicts of interest and influence
by private unaccountable trade groups and foundations.

TN Student Speaks Out About Common Core, Teacher Evaluations, And Educational Data

A Tennessee high school student spoke from personal experience when he gave a highly critical speech on the Common Core curriculum at a Knox County School Board meeting earlier this month.

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