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What some leaders are saying about Common Core.

Common Core could highly impact a parent’s control of their child’s education and really cripple the role of local school districts. One technique in education we have yet to use, having tried all others, is freedom. -Congressman Rob Bishop

Common core is too common for Utah. We do not need regulations from outside of Utah directing our local education efforts. It is imperative that we maintain state supremacy and control of our most important resource – the children of Utah. -Utah Senator Margaret Dayton

Common core has been hijacked by Obama’s Dept of Education robbing Utah of its sovereign right to control education. -Utah Senator Mark B. Madsen

The wisest move all states could make to ensure that students learn to read, understand, and use the English language appropriately before they graduate from high school is first to abandon Common Core’s “standards”. -Dr. Sandra Stotsky, Former Asst Superintendent of MA, Current Professor at Univ. of AR

The proposed Common Core standard is similar in earlier grades but has significantly lower expectations with respect to algebra and geometry than the published standards of other countries. -Dr. Jonathan Goodman, a professor of mathematics at the Courant Institute at New York University

[A state] shouldn’t relinquish control to a consensus of states any more than the federal government. -SC Gov. Nikki Haley on why their state is leaving Common Core