American Coalition 4 Property Rights . . .
And Now it is Four!  Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River all opt out of Seven-50! 
Boca Raton Withdraws from Seven-50.
We are fighting for our American way of life---the right to choose how and where we live---the very right to private property ownership.

The Seven 50 Regionalists in Florida are poised to enforce low income, HUD high rise stack-and-pack upward sprawl with demographic quotas built without garages located next to mass transit in "Sustainable Communities" where the government will take care of all our needs. Using combined grants from the DOT, HUD, EPA and Building One America, a massive re-distribution of wealth using a tax base-sharing scheme is about to occur. Called robbing the suburbs to pay for the cities (Stanly Kurtz' book), it is a plan so good that it takes the power of the federal government to force it upon us.

So how do we fight it? The government belongs to those who show up. The only way to fight it is on a local level, by educating your neighbors, friends, family, co-workers, business community and churches. 

We will be stripped of our private property and our right to own and drive automobiles. Convince your locally elected officials to opt out.
The guise of environmentalism is being used through EPA regulations to get us out of our cars and out of our homes in to government-controlled "Sustainable Communities." Learn more
Then your elected officials, convincing them one-on-one with the facts that "Sustainable Communities" do not promote prosperity. They create massive government dependency and debt. And by emphasizing that fiscal responsibility, local decision-making and smaller government are NOT principles that the New Urbanist mentality implements.